Ronggowisnu, born in February 1979, is a songwriter, composer and arranger with guitar as his main instrument. At a very young age, he was introduced to classical electone and classical guitar. His parents introduced him to the sounds of the Carpenters, David Foster and Lionel Richie.

In his teen years, he was heavily influenced by the 90ies glam rock and heavy metal music, like most Indonesians at that time. During his college days, he chose piano and keyboards as his main instruments. In 1996 he studied jazz piano with Riza Arshad, one of Indonesia's famous jazz musicians.

Due to the heavy competition between bands trying to get signed by the major record labels, school requirements and marriage, he decided to stop playing music and focus on his studies, work and family.

In 2010, Ronggowisnu decided to start playing music again, this time with the guitar as his main instrument. He took a short course in jazz guitar with Troy Kurniawan, a senior Indonesian jazz guitarist, as his teacher. Although Ronggowisnu's taste in sound leans towards rock or fusion, he feels that traditional jazz should be the basic discipline of his playing. The short course lasted about 3 months, and afterwards he decided to practice on his own based on all of his previous teachers and music influences from both western and eastern styles.

In that same year, he and his wife "Aliceleonz" joined an online music collaboration website - kompoz.com. His musical passion once again ignited, seeing the possibilities to achieve his former goals, dreams that were long forgotten became reality. He cherished and was very grateful for the chance to meet musicians and exchange knowledge, learning new things and making new music via the Internet through kompoz.com. There, began his first solo album, the Ho Kam Lo music series.

Ronggowisnu's guitar playing and music is influenced by both the rock and jazz genres. His first album - Ho Kam Lo - is heavily influenced by rock, jazz and Asian ethnic instruments.