Aliceleonz (Born Alice Leony Margaretta Pangaribuan on September 16th, 1978) is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist. During her professional career with over 30 years of experience she has worked with a large number of musicians all over the world and has performed in different genres and languages giving her the nickname “a singer with many voices”, and the “angel’s voice” for her talent to arrange & create a wonderful harmonies. Some of her repertoire includes genres like jazz,fusion, blues, funk, folk, dance, rock, pop, experimental, ethnic, R&B, Hip Hop and classical music.

Alice Leonz was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and from an early age she started singing, due the influence of Rock & Roll music at the time, Leonz developed an interest in music and began performing in different musical groups.

Realizing that she had so much to learn from her passion in music, she took private classes with Indonesian opera singer Pranajaya, and later on she took vocal lessons at “The Six Bars”, a music school owned by Indonesian jazz singer, Etta Herawati (stage name “Bertha”). She later was hired in the same college as a vocal coach and motivator for young talent. This was also one of her collaborations as a producer and what motivated her to help young people to follow their music careers.

She joined the jazz-fusion band “Virtual Reality” in 1996 when she went to study psychology at Atmajaya University and performed in different venues like Jazz Goes to Campus and Jak Jazz music festivals. When the band dissolved in year 2000 she went on to study Marketing Business at London School of Public Relations.

Later on the same year, while studying she worked for CUT productions where she learned radio broadcasting and the production aspects of music business.

In 1997 she started working at ARH FM, the only jazz station in Jakarta, Indonesia at that time, where she was a announcer and reporter until she was hired as a part time news reporter for Television Republik Indonesia in 1998.

In 2002 she married guitar player Ronggowisnu the former band leader of “Virtual Reality” and this was a turning point of her career. She went back to her musical journey and collaborated with several musicians. She released her first album “Swinging with the Boys” in 2011, and featuring in “Hokamlo in” 2012, and she released her Christmas Album in 2013 and performing live at music events like Jimbaran Bali Indonesia, one of the biggest jazz festivals in Indonesia in 2013. She also built her own studio in Jakarta, Indonesia called Rodadewa (Wheel of God).

Right now Alice active as a professional singer, songwriter and vocal arranger in music recording and performance with many difference musicians from all over the world , she is also working on her music album. TEAMMEDLEMMAR